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Challenging financial times due to the economical downturn has left a great deal of individuals now in need of a cash injection. Many property owners possess tens of thousands of pounds tied up in their own house. By freeing up the cash tied up in your property using one of our equity release strategies, you could improve your retirement cash flow.

Please remember Equity Release is a lifetime mortgage or home reversion scheme. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. A fee of up to 2% of the mortgage amount is payable subject to a minimum of £750.  We will also be paid commission from the lender/company.

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  • Only 45% of people save sufficiently for retirement
  • The average UK house price doubled since 2000 meaning Equity Release might be an excellent option for retirement planning. You could potentially be sitting on a large sum of cash just waiting to be released!

Your home will not be left with any debt – the plans we recommend come with a ‘no negative equity’ guarantee to prevent you owing more than the value of your house. However the value of your home will reduce.

Adaptable – there are a broad range of plans available, your advisor will allow you the freedom to pick a strategy which matches what is significant for you.

You can remain in your house for life – the Equity Release plans that we propose always make sure you can remain in your house for the rest of your lifetime and that you can move (as long as your home fulfils the equity release providers conditions).

It’s important to seek expert guidance – It’s not for everybody and a major decision in the financial sense. Speaking to one of our advisers will give you a clear picture of what Equity Release involves and we’ll offer you alternatives if you decide not to proceed.

Regulated – The business is monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority. The plans that we recommend come with various guarantees to ensure your financial security.

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